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"Stable and dependable health status for the nation"


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Our Mission

To serve as a citadel of higher learning and research to train young men and women academically, morally, socially and all round in health and related fields to provide the much needed middle level manpower for the Primary Health Care delivery system for attainment of the global-Alma-Ata goal of “Health for All by the year 2000 and beyond”.

Our Vision

To be a foremost health training institution not only in Nigeria, but Africa and the world at large

Our Objectives

1. To provide courses of instruction and learning in the College of Health Technology and any other schools which may from time to time be approved under the Law.
2. To provide courses of study, training, research in Community Health, leading to attainment of Advanced Diploma/Higher National Diploma, Community Health Officer (CHO); Diploma, Community Health Extension Workers (CHEW); and Certificate, Junior Community Health Extension Workers (JCHEW);
3. To provide courses in Environmental Health Sciences leading to attainment of Higher National Diploma (HND), Environmental Health Technologist (EH Tech); National Diploma (ND), Environmental Health Technicians (EVT) and Certificate, Environmental Health Assistants (EHA);
4. To provide courses in Medical Laboratory Sciences leading to Higher National Diploma, National Diploma and Certificates;
5. To provide courses of study in Pharmacy Technology Sciences leading to Diploma and Certificates;
6. to provide avenue for continuing education in Community Health, Environmental Health Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Medical records and Pharmacy Technology Sciences;
7. To provide holders of Higher National Diploma and or other National Certificate in Health Technology who shall serve in the public and private hospitals, clinics, dispensaries and other similar institution or centres of the State;
8. To provide courses of in-service training, workshop, retreat and seminars for health personnel and members of the public and the private sectors;
9. To promote, through teaching, research and other means for the advancement of knowledge and its practical application to the needs of the State and the community;
10. To organize active community service and participation; and play a consultancy role in all sectors of the Health Technology profession in the State;
11. To provide courses of instruction both in the academic and the professional field for the students of the College and other serving Medical and Health Personnel’s in the State;
12. To organize from time to time in service vocation courses for serving Medical and Health personnel on Hospitals, and patient management, medical and health computer science and technology;
13. To create facilities for research and the dissemination of knowledge with respect to the Health Technology profession;
14. Teaching, medical and health technology, encouragement of the spirit of inquiry and creativity in Medical and Health, production of highly motivated, conscientious and efficient Medical and Health personnel and related health personnel for the public and private sectors of the health system;
15. To provide basic standard and specialized courses of instruction and other facilities, whether leading to the award of attainment of Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and other College distinctions or not, in the theory, practice and technique of Health Technology, hospital operations and management, in all its branches and such related subjects relevant for Medical and Health personnel, public and private sectors of the Health system as may from time to time, be prescribed by relevant health authorities, bodies and persons in Nigeria, with a view to developing a store of technically competent, highly skillful and efficient Medical and Health personnel, health operators of the public and private hospitals and medical and health centres of the health system.
16. To provide special training courses whether leading to college distinctions or not, for such persons as may be prescribed, taking into account at all times the educational and health policies and requirements of Nigeria and Taraba State and in particular, that of:
i. The Community Health Practitioners Registration Board of Nigeria (CHPRBN), West African Health Examination Board (WAHEB);
ii. The Federal Ministry of Health;
iii. The State Ministry of Health; and
iv. The State Hospital & Health Management Board;
17. To organize and provide programmes including distance learning and technique for the training, development, upgrading and certification Medical and Health personnel;
18. To carry out, either alone or in conjunction with other bodies, research on any matter relevant to the development or advancement of Health and Health Technology of which may be requisite for medical and health development in the State;
19. To provide courses of instructions and other facilities as may be approved by statute for the pursuit of learning in all its branches and to make those facilities available on proper terms to such persons as may be equipped to benefit from them;
20. To encourage, promote and conduct research in all fields of learning and human endeavor as may be approved by statute;
21. To encourage the advancement of learning and to hold out to all persons without distinction of race, creed, sex or political conviction the opportunity of acquiring a higher education; and
22. To undertake any other activities appropriate for a College of Health Technology of the higher international standard.

Top Mangement
Mr. Angyu A. Micah
Registrar / Secretary to Council
Mark alen
Vice chencelor
Mark alen
Vice chencelor